Lead Digital Product (UX/UI) Instructor


Digital Product Design (UX/UI)


Digital Product Design (UX/UI) Lead Instructor


WBS Coding School

WBS Coding School

Working with WBS Coding School, I, so far, had the opportunity to lead teams across five intensive bootcamp rounds, guiding over 30 career changers into the dynamic world of UX/UI and Digital Product Design.

A journey with WBS Coding School has been a transformative experience, not only for the students I mentored but also for me.

My role isn't confined to just mentoring, since it also involves shaping the course content, ensuring it stays relevant and innovative in the ever-evolving digital landscape.

At WBS Coding School we worked tirelessly to equip our students with the most cutting-edge skills, empowering them to be industry-ready from day one.

This endeavour is more than just teaching—it is about inspiring change, unlocking potential, and witnessing the growth of the next generation of digital design professionals.

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