Impact Hub

Design for IH's Knowledge Management Platform and Teachable page


Digital Product Design (UX/UI)


Digital Product Design (UX/UI) Web Design


Impact Hub

Impact Hub

In collaboration with Impact Hub, I worked on designing two platforms:

  • a Knowledge Management Platform and
  • a Teachable Platform.

The project started with a comprehensive strategy session, immersing ourselves in the company's goals, vision, and mission.

The next step in the process was market research, forming a solid foundation upon which to develop innovative platform concepts. Guided by the strategy, we began to shape the platforms, creating low-fidelity wireframes and welcoming feedback loops to refine the structure, ensuring it perfectly met the company's needs.

Even though Impact Hub had an existing design system, this project was an opportunity to enhance it.

High-fidelity wireframes were constructed, along with marketing collateral and additional assets, all in line with the company's corporate identity.

A unique touch was added with custom-made illustrations from my design studio, breathing life into the platforms.

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